Instruments Instruments Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr. 1976 Model. 79838172 Fender Jazz Bass 1978 Model. Makes my back hurt just looking at it. 79838174 Michael Kelly Firefly Bass 2006 Model. 79838175 Fender Telecaster 1968 Model with stock Bigsby. 79838176 Yamaha FG-230 Red label Nippon Gakki, 1970 model. 79838179 Takamine F-3002 I bought this one new, but damaged in 1983. 79838180 Ovation 1117-1 79838181 Ibanez Destroyer II Model DT400CS from 1982. 79838182 Fender Electric Mandolin I call it the Mandocaster. 79838183 Squier Bullet I can't pass up a MIJ Fender. 79838184 Fender Jazzmaster I still can't pass up a MIJ Fender. 79838185 Kuozo Yairi Classical Excellent guitar. 79838186 Fender Stratocaster Plus This one is from 1984. 79838188 Samick HJ6 I've modified this one a bit. New tuners, cast tailpiece, knobs, pickguard. 79838189 Fender Acoustic Electric Telecaster I love this guitar. Kind of an impulse buy. They only made them for a short time, and I knew I'd never see one again. 79838190